Saturday, December 6, 2008

Then and Now: 6-10 E. Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore


The three-story Tudor revival building which once occupied 6-10 East Lancaster Avenue was completed in 1911 next to the Ardmore and Llanerch trolley terminal. The Randegg Block, as it was known, was demolished in 1946 and replaced several years later by the nondescript one-story building which stands there today. It's interesting to wonder why the property owner decided not to include residential units in the new building, and the comparison gives the uncanny impression of watching a shrinking town. The original photogragh seems like it was taken sometime before the 1930s, at a time when Lancaster Pike moved at a significantly slower pace. I can only imagine what the views from those bay windows must have been like.

Source: Lower Merion Township: Searchable HR Database. Lower Merion Township Historical Commission. 5 Dec. 2008. Search: 6 E. Lancaster Ave.
Original Photo: "Lancaster Avenue Retail Stores, Ardmore." Lower Merion Historical Society Archives. Lower Merion Historical Society. 5 Dec. 2008.

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