Sunday, February 15, 2009

Then and Now: Quai des Grands Augustins by rue Gît-le-cœur, Paris

c. 1939-2009

The banks of today's Latin Quarter are just as populated with bookstalls as they were 70 years ago. Just visible on the right side of the photo is the beginning of rue Gît-le-cœur, one of the many locales frequented by André Breton, Max Ernst, and other members of Paris' Surrealist community in the early 30s, as recounted by the Czech Surrealist author Vitězslav Nezval in his charming and aptly-titled memoir, Rue Gît-le-cœur.

Original Photo: "RV-82988." 1939. Collection Roger-Viollet. Parisienne de Photographie. 15 Feb. 2009.

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