Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Construction update: JFK Boulevard Bridge, Philadelphia

While the South Street Bridge's redesign has received a good deal of press recently, PennDOT has finally finished its resurfacing and rehabilitation project the John F. Kennedy Boulevard Bridge after over two years of closures.

29th Street's new sidewalk

I'm happy to say that it's a solid improvement over the regular old highway bridge it once was. The new pedestrian-scaled lights on the bridge itself are well-placed between the sidewalk and roadway, making the bridge much more pleasant to walk across. The distinctive sidewalk paving and new benches are also very welcome additions - PennDOT and the City deserve a round of applause on this one. Really, improvements like these really couldn't come soon enough for the Chestnut and Walnut St. Bridges and the rest of the 30th Street Station area.


Ken said...

Brian, do you happen to know why they are breaking up all the painted sidewalks they so painstakingly painted for such a long time?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing. Much of the paint had come off and the sidewalks looked pretty ugly after the winter salting and plowing, though.

It looks like they're doing much more than repainting, but I don't see them laying pipes or wires. Mystery...