Monday, February 22, 2010

Then and Now: 8-16 West Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore

c. 1910-2010

The Palace Theater seems to be Ardmore's oldest 20th-century theater, first built between 1913-1919, and later remodeled in Art Deco style. At one point, it also housed the town's Woolworth's store. Next door, 12 West Lancaster Avenue certainly takes the cake for Ardmore's most hideously altered building fa├žade, an example of low-brow postmodernist design at its very worst.

Source: Searchable HR Database. Lower Merion Township. 20 Feb. 2010.
Original photo: "Palace Movie Theatre, Ardmore (c. 1910)." Lower Merion Historical Society Archives. Lower Merion Historical Society. 20 Feb. 2010.

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