Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Then and Now: North side of Sansom Street, west of no. 735 Sansom, Philadelphia


The ground-floor storefronts on this corner of Sansom Street have been completely rebuilt since the 1930s. If you look closely at the grooves of the sidewalk curb however, you will find that it remains essentially unchanged.

Original photo: Sack. "Department of City Transit-22539-0." 1931. Philadelphia City Archives. Philadelphia Department of Records. 8 Apr. 2010.

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JoFrhwld said...

I follow your blog on google reader, and love every post. If there was ever something more cool than historical photographs of my own city, it's your careful modern reproductions, and a little history to go with it.

I know that feedback is a big motivating factor in maintaining a blog. I see that you don't get a lot here, but know for sure that I'm hanging on your every word (+1,000 words for each picture).